The LIFE Fund is our first fund, established in 2008. This fund is the highest profile of our current activities. But even more important than providing The Leather Foundation with a lot of community visibility, it has the practical impact of helping the County of San Diego lower the number of newly infected or re-infected persons with the HIV viruses. Through this fund we have put our well-marked condom distribution containers in locations throughout San Diego. People in the community are aware of The Leather Foundation and are appreciative of this effort.

People often go out of their way to say "Thanks" when we are making deliveries.

During 2013 we began participating in a condom delivery program run by the State of California. This has reduced our having to use our very limited financial resources to purchase condoms or relying on product gifts from manufacturers to sell them at little or no cost. We have been told that our condom delivery program is a model for others in California and that we are the largest such program in the state. In our efforts we also work with the Family Health Center of San Diego.

We currently place condoms free of charge in these locations:

  • The Hole
  • SRO
  • The Caliph
  • The Loft
  • Brass Rail
  • Urban Mos
  • #1 Fifth Avenue
  • Flicks
  • Obelisk
  • The Alibi
  • Baja Betty's
  • Hillcrest Brewery
  • Gossip Grill
  • Bourbon Street
  • Cheers
  • Pecs Bar
  • Numbers
  • Redwing Bar and Grill
  • San Diego Eagle
  • Bluefoot
  • Hungry Stick
  • PB Pub

We deliver condoms during the regular school year to San Diego City College, Mesa College and Miramar College. Our condom filled containers can also be found in the two King-Chavez health centers in South Bay.

We are especially pleased to provide condoms to eight locations in the Veterans Administration Healthcare system for San Diego County. This includes clinics in Oceanside, La Jolla and Chula Vista. At the VA Medical Center facility in La Jolla we provide condoms to several of its clinics, including SPID, Women's, Homeless, and Operation Enduring Freedom. In 2013 we delivered a total of 9,425 condoms to the VA system.

And also in addition we are delivering condoms to these two organizations: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Lead the Way.

In short, we are delivering to 35 different locations.

And we also provide condoms for special events such as Gay Pride, including our own, Leather Realm. We have also aided at events sponsored by the Liver Foundation, San Diego City College, the Youth Night at The Center and a dinner hosted by a local Asian Pacific Islanders.

The bottom line for the LIFE Fund is that in 2013 we delivered 203,612 male and female condoms in San Diego. The basic costs associated with this fund are for containers, the labels, supplies of condoms and the deliveries.

The condom deliveries have been done mostly by Bob and Russ Boyd at no cost to the foundation for time, mileage or gas costs. Their time and use of their vehicle covers 66 days, representing a total of 132 hours and a little over 442 miles, for a saving of $1767 by The Leather Foundation.

Our goals for 2104 are to:

  1. Add 10 outlets in which to place our condom;
  2. To secure at least $3,000 in outside funding to help reduce our dependency on a single source of condoms and help cover some of delivery costs and
  3. have a Memorandum of Understanding with each of the places we deliver condoms to.