The LIFE Fund is The Leather Foundation's first fund, established in 2008.

It is the highest profile of the foundations current activities. But even more important than providing The Leather Foundation with a lot of community visibility, it has the practical impact of helping the County of San Diego lower the number of newly infected or re-infected persons with the HIV viruses. Through the LIFE Fund we have put our well-marked condom distribution containers in locations throughout San Diego. People in the community are aware of The Leather Foundation and are appreciative of this effort. People often go out of their way to say "Thanks" when we are making deliveries.

The Leather Foundation is happy to continue a partnership in 2016 with The San Diego HIV Prevention Group as a SD Condom Distribution Partner!

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Help The Leather Foundation and the Life Fund continue providing free condoms to San Diego Residents!

We currently place condoms free of charge in these locations:

And also in addition we are delivering to condoms to this ONE organization: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

DISCLAIMER: Some bars/locations currently do NOT have any websites.