SDLHP logoThe San Diego area has a rich history that needs to be preserved. Begun in early 2003 and kicked into high gear in 2005, the San Diego Leather History Project committee has worked hard on searching through massive amounts of old publications, internet search, and correspondence (written and email) to find information on the history of San Diego′s Leather community.

Many people have started digging through their closets and donating material for research and display, and we're very grateful for the assistance in the preservation of them.




What we're doing:

  • Creation and update of the Leather Timeline
  • Cataloging and scanning of articles and photos
  • Conversion of VHS event tapes to digital format
  • Collection and preservation of memorabilia
  • Creation and update of the "Who Is" list of individuals who've been active in the community and made an impact on it.

What's coming up: Oral histories from long-time community members. Public displays of our history.


Help preserve the rich history of the San Diego Leather Community!