Opening Comments President

The President called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. In his brief comments he noted that this past quarter has been an active one, especially with respect to HIPS and the Life condom distribution programs. We look forward to a busy fourth quarter.


Roll Call Secretary

A quorum was established with the attendance of 6 board members: Pres. Russ Mortenson Boyd, VP Sandra McFarland, Tres. Ron Rinker, Secty. Bob Boyd, Members Bud Kua and A.J. Turner. Absent was: Tom Crillo. Guests: Erik Walton, El Bisarra and Cierra Corrao.


Financial Report Treasurer

Treasurer passed out the financial update report dated June 5, 2013. He explained the entries. There was little discussion.


Review and discussion of each fund all

HIPS Fund Russ, El, Erik and A.J.

El told how HIPS continues to work with the county to identify people with Hepatitis C. The program expanded to East County and hopes to start covering Southeast San Diego County in the coming months. HIPS has started a support group for people with Hep C in East County. El and Cierra told about the success stories of the people that have received help from the HIPS case management teams. Russ and Erik, the IT member of the HIPS team, discussed the newly created HIPS Training Manual, the tri-fold information flyer, the new Affordable Care Act Guide and an updated Hep C PowerPoint presentation. He will also be creating a standalone HIPS website, with links to our regular TLF website. Russ said that both San Diego County and the VA are interested in using our ACA Guide in their programs. They stated that 10% of the HIPS clients up to date have Hep C only. We’re not sure how many have HIV/AIDS and Hep C.

The LIFE Fund Bob

The Life Fund free condom distribution program has been making good progress during the quarter. In September we gave out an all time high of 24,350 male/female condoms. We also gave lube in some places. However, due to condom supplier problems we have received very few condoms in October. As a result only 3,290 condoms have been distributed to date in this month. We expect to make a complete distribution in the coming week so the final amount for October will be higher. The foundation does not have the financial resources at this time to buy condoms so we’re totally dependent on the county and state programs.

Wish Leather Cares Emergency Fund

No one was present to report on the Emergency Fund so the matter was put over until the next board meeting.

New Business:


ROMP Status A.J.

The ROMP organization is being restructured to focus on its core mission: holding events during Pride and assisting title holders. It is applying for reinstatement of its federal 501(c)3 and state non-profit/tax exempt status. Once its tax status is approved by the government, ROMP will bring back in house the funds TLF has been holding for it. That transfer should be completed by March 2014.

Fundraising events etc. Russ

The foundation cosponsored the San Diego Leather Fetish Ball, the Mr. and Ms. San Diego Leather 2013 contest and the San Diego Eagle Puppy contest. From these events there will be some money donated to the foundation. TLF was the designated recipient of funds from Pictionary Night hosted by Tiger, Ms San Diego Leather, on 23 October.
In coordination with the San Diego Repertory Theatre, on 21 November the Leather Foundation will have a fundraiser as part of the theatre’s performance of “Venus in Fur,” a play with BDSM undertones. Prior to the performance on the 21st there will be a special panel discussion on “All the Flavors of Kink.” A representative of TLF will be on the panel. The fundraiser will not be limited to just the night of our event but will cover any ticket sold during the run of the show if the person uses the code “Leather Foundation” to get the group savings. Information about the fundraiser will be posted on our website and FB pages. Tickets can be purchased now by calling the theatre at 619-544-1000, and mention “Leather Foundation.”

SDHDF Matching Grant Russ

A couple of months ago or so we submitted a grant application to the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation to participate in its matching-grant program. Our application was approved. The SDHDF matches dollar for dollar the funds we raise. The limit is $5,000, which means a total of $10,000 with the SDHDF match. We need to raise our part of the match as soon as possible because the SDHDF has a limited amount of money available for this current cycle. Once its funds are gone, that’s it for the year. We have about $1,500 pledged and some of the recently raised funds will be put toward the match. We need to conduct a regular fundraising campaign. To that end, a video is going to be produced which will explain the work of TLF and what we’re trying to do. The video will be put on our web site, Facebook and even U-Tube. We hope to reach our $5,000 goal by December 31. Donations are tax-deductible.

General Discussion All

We concluded the meeting by discussing the need for having Memos of Understanding between all outside groups that wish to operate under the umbrella of The Leather Foundation. Board member Bud Kua will be in charge of writing and negotiating MOUs with each group.
A Holiday Party will be held on 12 December in Ocean Beach.


The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.