The Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 contest will be bigger than ever.  “It will be a 4-day event for the entire Leather community,” says Robb Rodriguez the current Mr. San Diego Eagle.  The event runs from February 20 to 23.

The main contest activities will be moved from the San Diego Eagle bar to the nearby Sunset Temple auditorium. “We’re moving the venue of the contest to the Sunset Temple because we’re expecting a large crowd to attend. Already we’ve heard from people from as far away as Phoenix that they’re going to attend. And one of our judges is from Minnesota while another is from Georgia.”

The seven judges are an all-star group of titleholders. The head judge will be International Mr. Leather Andy Cross. Other judges are: American Leatherman Aaron Duke, Mr. International Deaf Leather boy Richard, Mr. San Diego Leather2013/Mr. San Diego Eagle 2012 Eli Correa, Ms San Diego Leather 2013  Colt Everyday, Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2013 Bill Robertroy and Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2013 Ryan Brown.

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Leather Night at the Diversionary

Join the Leather Foundation as it holds the first Leather Night with the Diversionary Theater.

This is a chance to see what great performances the Diversionary Theater has to offer while attending a fundraising event for The Leather Foundation.

Tickets are $31 and includes a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres hour beginning at 7pm. To be included simply use the discount code sdlf when booking your tickets.