The Leather Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting

Old Mill Cafe

San Diego, CA


May 2, 2014



Opening Comments


We have been very busy since our last board meeting. There have been several fundraisers. Programs, especially HIPS and the Life Fund. have been very active. The TLF has also participated in different events of the Leather Community.


Roll Call


A quorum was established with the attendance of the President Russ, Vice President Sandra, Secretary Bob and Treasurer Ron. Not attending were board members Bud, A.J. and Tom. Also attending were El (HIPS managing director) and Vonn (IT manager)                                                           

Last BoD meeting minutes were posted on the TLF website under President’s report and no comments were received by the Secretary.


Financial Report


The P&L statement covering January 1, 2014 to May 1, 2014 showed the TLF is in the black. There was a general review of the income/expenses by account class. Also discussed were procedural adjustments needed in how charges were made and reported to the treasurer. The treasurer reminded board members that they should make their $100 donation to TLF for 2014.


Review and discussion of Funds All

HIPS Update

Russ, El

HIPS continues to provide case management assistance to people with Hep C, especially those who are homeless. El reported on the outreach the HIPS program had done at San Diego City College and to San Ysidro Health Clinic’s: Our Place. Through our HIPS Facebook page our outreach effort has gone international to Kenya, Nepal and Egypt. At present HIPS has 70 clients most of whom have either HIV, Hep C or both. 35% of the clients do not know their HIV status. An outgrowth of information in the intake forms we have created the Chaplain Services, which in turn lead to discussion of a new Church in the Park. The initial Church in the Park activities will be in conjunction with a priest from St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral on Saturday, May 3, in Balboa Park.


Life Condom Fund 


During the month of April a total of 17,870 condoms were distributed. YTD a total of 60,110 condoms (male and female) were distributed. Our Life Condom Fund program no longer reports to the Family Health Clinic but instead has been set up by the SD County and State of California as its own, equal entity. It is still the largest condom distribution program in California.


Wish Emergency Fund


Several fundraisers were held during the period. No other activities.


New Business:

Fundraising events etc


There are several upcoming events in which TLF is participating:

13 May - SD Bartenders Bash

15-17 May - International Olympus Leather Contest

18 May – TLF/SD Imperial Court Monthly Breakfast

22 May – TLF Theater Night, Diversionary Theatre

8 June – TLF Bingo Night, SRO bar



The TLF website has been redesigned and is operated from a new server. Current information for each of the Funds and programs has reported through the website. The goal is to make the website the main way TLF communicates to its supporters and the public. We encourage everyone to check the website ( on a regular basis.